Proven Results

ROI Measurement Case Study


  • Top-tier biotechnology company ran non-personal promotional campaign for one of their major oncology products
  • An accurate campaign impact measurement and analysis was required to understand the effectiveness of the campaign in the presence of other promotional activity


  • Project kickoff led to understanding business rationale for campaign, promotional, and competitive environment
  • Analysis designed to identify matching controls for campaign targets using advanced propensity scoring to ensure accurate, unbiased, and transparent measurement
  • Data review performed to verify unbiased control selection


  • Results discussed with stakeholder with broad-based buy-in of analytical approach and findings
  • Analysis not only provided point estimates but also confidence intervals and ensure statistical significance of impact estimates
  • Analysis also provided insights at segment level promotional impact, suggesting an optimal segmentation strategy


Accurate ROI measurement and analysis is key to justifying promotional spend decisions, understanding the effectiveness of promotional levers, and developing strategic and tactical promotional plans

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