Proven Results

Forecasting Case Study


  • Large pharmaceutical company with a diverse US & global Women's Health (WH) portfolio sought robust support system around forecasting processes for WH brands
  • Carson Analytics was contracted to design forecasting processes, build a forecasting platform, and support current & future forecasting needs


  • Reviewed and benchmarked existing forecasting processes and tools
  • Used robust forecasting guidelines for process development
  • Implemented portfolio forecasting model onto Carson Analytics forecast platform
  • Orchestrated all follow-up support and continued forecasting support


  • Carson Analytics managed the business unit's forecasting function continually over 4 years through 2014 with great success
  • Carson Analytics was contracted to develop similar platforms for other franchises within same large pharmaceutical company


Powerful, yet easy-to-use, forecasting platform allowing for efficient, accurate, and transparent forecasting processes for individual brands or portfolios, with market dynamics ranging from simple to very complex, and for all stages of a product’s life cycle

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